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Labor Support Services

I realize an out of hospital birth may not be an option for everyone; however, I feel you still deserve the best birth experience and support possible. As a result I also offer Doula/Monitrice Services.

What is a Monitrice?

A monitrice is similar to a doula with some added benefits. As a licensed midwife I am able to offer the extra services of monitoring your baby’s heart rate, taking your vital signs and performing cervical exams (if requested) to help ascertain the appropriate time to head to the hospital so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home in that early stage of labor.

Support for Hospital Births

Generally this option includes 1-2 prenatal visits, labor support for the birth itself and a follow up postpartum visit.

I will:

  • Perform vital sign assessments on mom upon arrival and at regular intervals throughout labor until it is time to head to the hospital for delivery.
  • Perform internal (cervical) exams, if requested (using sterile technique).
  • Monitor baby’s heart rate every half hour, or as needed, starting on arrival.
  • Assist mom in various ways throughout her labor including relaxation, positioning, comfort
    techniques, encouragement and support.
  • Answer questions and help inform when inquiries are made once we are at the hospital.
  • Remain for 1-2 hours following delivery and assist with the initial breastfeeding experience, if

I will not:

  • Take the place of your partner or other labor support.
  • Act as your healthcare provider.
  • Knowingly attend an unplanned home birth.

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