When A Home Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned – Part 5 – My Radiant Beginnings

When A Home Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned – Part 5

Welcome! You made it to the end of the series on transports and what happens when things don’t go as planned! Thank you again for joining and for sharing anything you found to be helpful with others! We’ve looked thoroughly into what happens in a transport, including some reasons why it might take place. Now let’s look at what can be expected after delivery.

Generally speaking, I stay with my clients until breastfeeding can be established with the new baby. It is important to allow family bonding and ample time for mom’s and baby’s recovery sleep after the baby has latched and is nursing.  Each woman is unique, and we discuss my next visit within the next day or two.

Often, I come up to the hospital prior to discharge to do an emotional check on mom and to allow her to process the birth. Some may choose to have me wait and come instead to their home a day or so after being discharged. The important thing to note is that the post-partum care continues beyond the birth at the hospital. I care about my mothers and their babies and I want to continue that continuity of care. If a mother chooses instead to only follow up care with her delivering OB at the hospital, she is free to choose that as well. I have only seen that happen a handful of times, mostly with individuals who utilized a birthing center or who didn’t have the rapport with their midwife that they had hoped for.

I typically see clients four times following the birth of their baby: between 24-48 hours, 4-5 days later, 10-14 days later and the final post-partum visit at 6 weeks. While these visits may be very similar in timing and structure following a hospital delivery compared to a birth completed at home, the emotional or recovery aspects would be tailored to each situation.

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