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Postpartum Sealing – A Healing Experience

I am excited! Sometimes we just need a pause. Sometimes we need momentum. Sometimes we need healing.

I feel like I received all that and more during my recent continuing education experience. I’ll spare you the rabbit trail of how I stumbled across it, but I am so grateful that I did and that the timing to be able to attend worked out so well. So, what did I do? I attended a postpartum sealing workshop in California! (May also be referred to as “bone closing”).

I wanted this for so many reasons. The shock and aftermath of my own postpartum experience three years ago forever changed me. The life it almost took has been reborn with passion and purpose to reach out to others. You are not alone!

You may feel broken or altered, but as long as you keep searching, moving one foot in front of the other by any measurable, albeit minute effort, there is hope.

There is excitement, so much excitement, but there is also still some learning and fleshing out to do before I feel truly confidant to go forth. At this time I plan to gather the things that I need and try out this method/process on a few people who have passed the traditional immediate postpartum period of 6 weeks. Why?

I genuinely want to be authentic in this healing. I don’t want to just run through the steps and seem inorganic in any way. This healing is a process and there are multiple steps, that I will share in more detail after my “practice period.”

A super-condensed look at it starts with a steam, then a hot bath followed by wrapping, massage, and abdominal wrapping. It almost does the process injustice to list it with such brevity, but I can assure you the process is warmth and it gives love and healing.

It is not only time-consuming, but also incredibly taxing on the provider; which saddens me because my original goal was to offer this option to all new mothers, not just women who delivered with me. This reinforced a lesson I’ve learned in that I have to pace and preserve myself so that I am at my best in order to offer my best. I may still be able to offer 1-2 spaces each month for this as a stand-alone service during the months I am not already booked with midwifery clients, but at this point I can’t say for sure.

Ultimately this process is done between 7-14 days following childbirth, but for many women it is healing no matter how much time has passed since her last child was born.

I’ll be sharing more in time to come but wanted to share my excitement for now and perhaps wet your appetites a bit as well!

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