About – My Radiant Beginnings

Thank you for your interest in midwifery care and my services. It’s only fair due to the intimacy of the midwifery relationship that I feel I share my background with you.

I was called to this path in 2008. I have always felt a call to work with pregnant women/babies but when my husband and I began our own family quite early I felt my dream was to become only that, a dream. In the meantime I completed my undergraduate Business degree from Houston Baptist University and set on to work (without passion) in the corporate world. I had 3 children at this point, all induced (following due dates) and all with epidurals. My father was an MD and I had never considered anything different…that is until a very dear friend of mine had a complication from an epidural. That was to be the small stone that would begin rolling toward the new path. I knew I had been lucky and that I did not want an epidural in the future. I also knew I did NOT want to be induced again!

I had spoken with so many people who had labor start on its own and did not endure the magnitude of labor that those who are induced typically experience. I found myself asking “How can I avoid being induced and the allure of an epidural?” The answer, for me, was not to be in a hospital for my next delivery!

Along the way I was led to research midwifery and I found so much more than an answer for the present question; I also found a calling. The individualized care throughout the prenatal, birth and postpartum cycle were exactly what I saw myself doing! While I wanted nothing more than to jump in head first into my passion my heart told me to wait until after baby #4, so that I would experience the journey as a client and not as a student or midwife who knew what to expect or was used to operating as the care provider.

In February 2009 I gave birth at home to our youngest child; I was not induced and I was able to accomplish my goal with the use of water (LOVE!) and the support of my husband and midwife. It was an incredible experience and was so much more intimate than the medical, sterile and disconnected way I had experienced birth previously. That summer I enrolled in the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and the next year began an apprenticeship.

To date I have attended over 300 births and consider it a true joy, honor and privilege to be invited to attend each woman in labor. I feel my background is unique within this community as I come wanting to encourage and educate since I came from a different mindset myself.

In September of 2014 we welcomed a new addition to our family and I had the blessing of experiencing labor & delivery from a new perspective. I learned A LOT and hope to share the knowledge with my clients. As a result I am also limiting my practice to a few births a month at this time in order to better serve both my family as well as my clients.