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Home Birth

At this time, Melissa Bates, LM CPM with My Radiant Beginnings LLC does not accept or contract with insurance companies. The client may however decide to utilize the early cash payment discounted rate and then subsequently file on his or her own, or with the assistance of an independent biller, for insurance reimbursement.

Maternity Care

$4,600 (Discounted to $4,300 if payed by 28 weeks – cash or check only)

Previous clients receive a discounted rate of $4,200

This global package includes all standard prenatal care, nutritional counseling, complete labor/birth services, a birth assistant, immediate newborn care and postpartum visits up to 6 weeks following delivery.

Items Not Included


(i.e., vitamins, herbs, homepathy, medications)


  • Initial bloodwork: $200
  • 28 week labs: $50
  • 36 week labs: $75
  • Paps: $50

I currently use Clinical Pathology Laboratories, CPL, to keep your expenses for lab work to a minimum. Basic prenatal lab work is required by law. Insurance usually pays for labs. If you do not have insurance, you may choose to have CPL bill my account to keep your costs to a minimum. The initial lab work with CPL billed to me is $200. This will be due by your second appointment. I am able to draw labs from my office during your routine appointments. The 28-week blood work is $50, and the 36-week blood work is $75 and due at those appointments. If extra lab services are required or desired, additional charges will apply. All pap smears and cultures can be done in my office; again, costs are kept to a minimum.


for RH(-) moms

Newborn Procedures

NBS, Vitamin K, CCHD screening

Birth Kit

Order your birth kit here: 

Birth Pool Kit

Pool liner, fill hose and necessary attachments

Referred Services

Such as (but not limited to) labs, ultrasounds, chiropractic, specialists, childbirth education, circumcision and newborn hearing screening.

Emergency Expenses

Which may include transportation, emergency room and physician expenses, surgery and medications; or any standard hospital, clinical, physician, nursing, or doula expenses related to the present pregnancy and postpartum care; or referrals to any other providers should complications and/or transport arise.

At the beginning of care the client agrees to a non-refundable retainer of $500 to be paid at the time of the initial appointment.

If payment is not received in full by 28 weeks of pregnancy the client waives the early discount and must pay the full $4,600 maternity care fee by 36 weeks of pregnancy (as determined by the practice). Failure to pay in full by this time, without previous arrangements, dismisses the midwife from the obligation of attending your birth. There is an additional fee for VBAC clients.