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Prenatal Care

Regular prenatal care is an important first step. The initial visit includes a thorough medical history, details of previous birth(s), a physical exam and lab work. Subsequent visits take place every 4 weeks until 28 wks when they are scheduled every 2 weeks until 36 weeks. At this time your appointments will take place weekly (from 36 weeks until delivery) so that we remain in close contact. At each prenatal visit I will monitor:

  • Your weight
  • Nutrition
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Urine check for protein, glucose, blood or nitrites
  • Discomforts
  • Emotional Status
  • Fundal Height
  • Position of the Baby
  • Fetal Heart Tones


I am able to draw your bloodwork and then send them to a lab for evaluation.

Initial labs include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Hepatitis B screening
  • RPR (syphilis screening)
  • Blood type and Rh
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone
  • Rubella Titer
  • HIV screening
  • Complete Urninalysis
  • Urine Culture (if needed)
  • Antibody titer

24-28 wk labs include:

  • Repeat CBC
  • Gestational Diabetes screen
  • Antibody screening for Rh(-) mothers

36 week labs include:

  • Group B Strep screening
  • Hematocrit and Hemoglobin, if indicated
  • Antibody screening for Rh(-) mothers, if indicated

Home Visit

I schedule a home visit around 37 weeks that acts as a test run for me to find my way as well as to give us an opportunity to discuss how you envision your birth. Family participation is encouraged and you are welcome to invite whomever to your birth. Ideally I like anyone you plan to have at the birth to plan to attend the home visit.


Normal newborn care includes putting the baby skin to skin with warmed towels/blankets upon birth, suctioning only as needed for mucus/meconium, a thorough newborn exam, administering eye prophylaxis and Vitamin K, drawing up a cord blood sample to determine blood type (if mom is Rh(-)), footprints and assistance with breastfeeding/latch.


I want to continue to stay in close contact in the days following the birth of your baby. I am very much on call for you during that period and welcome all calls for questions or concerns. I will return for a follow up visit some time between 24-48 hours after birth. Your next appointment will be 4-5 days following birth and again 10-14 days following delivery. Both of these appointments will be at my home office. Your final postpartum visit will be scheduled for approximately 6 weeks post partum and will include a pap smear.

These appointments allow me to check your vital signs, bleeding, your healing and any breastfeeding issues as well as to assess the baby and perform newborn screenings and hearing tests as indicated.

Labor Support Services

I do offer labor support services, read more here. Generally this option includes 1-2 prenatal visits, labor support for the birth itself and a follow up postpartum visit.

I will:

  • Perform vital sign assessments on mom upon arrival and at regular intervals throughout labor until it is time to head to the hospital for delivery.
  • Perform internal (cervical) exams, if requested (using sterile technique).
  • Monitor baby’s heart rate every half hour, or as needed, starting on arrival.
  • Assist mom in various ways throughout her labor including relaxation, positioning, comfort
    techniques, encouragement and support.
  • Answer questions and help inform when inquiries are made once we are at the hospital.
  • Remain for 1-2 hours following delivery and assist with the initial breastfeeding experience, if

I will not:

  • Take the place of your partner or other labor support.
  • Act as your healthcare provider.
  • Knowingly attend an unplanned homebirth.