Testimonials – My Radiant Beginnings


Melissa Bates is wonderful! Her knowledge, compassion, and encouragement were incredibly comforting through prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care. After three natural hospital births, I was ready for a change in atmosphere for my fourth pregnancy. As I talked with Melissa, I was convinced a midwife and home birth would be the change I desired. During my prenatal care, she was sensitive to my needs, spent time answering my questions, and always made me feel like more than just a number. She genuinely cared for my health and my baby’s health, even outside of my appointments. At the home birth Melissa was calm and confident, helping to bring about a positive atmosphere while I labored and delivered in the water, which ultimately led to a successful birth of my baby boy. When I found out I was having twins in my fifth pregnancy I decided to give birth in a hospital, but wanted Melissa’s support. Melissa acted as my doula and was so amazing! She encouraged me during the pregnancy and answered many more of my questions throughout those nine months (and beyond). Melissa was supportive of my choices during the twin birth, and offered counsel and professionalism throughout labor and delivery in the hospital. The twins were born healthy and I very much appreciate the bedside support I received from Melissa. I’m am forever grateful for Melissa’s positivity and encouragement throughout my pregnancies and births. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services to anyone planning to have a child.

Kristy A.

(Joe; Josh and John)

Thank you so much for attending me & the birth of my son Henry at Bay Area Birth Center. We count it as such a blessing that you were one of our midwives. Thank you for serving women in this way – I feel certain you are in the right place! We could not have hoped for more considerate or competent person to help us bring our baby boy into the world. You should be very proud of yourself – you are an amazing midwife!

Sarah T.

(Baby Henry)

Melissa was a total gem throughout my pregnancy and birth of Analiese. She was very conscientious about my health and the baby’s development. During the birth I really appreciated her steadfastness toward the kind of birth I wanted and the ways in which she provided various techniques to move things along when the going was getting tough.

Emily B.

(Baby Analiese)

I loved having Melissa as my midwife. She was so encouraging, strong and supportive. She knew that I could do it all natural and was with me holding my head and focusing me to relax as much as possible through the hardest of the contractions in the end. Such a memorable experience and would use her again!

Caitlyn M.

(Baby Luke)

Melissa assisted on the birth of our first child. From our first appointment with her to the last, she was always such an incredible source of information and encouragement and always took the time to answer all of our questions. I appreciated the way she would explain things to us in a manner that both made sense to us and revealed the depth of her knowledge, which enabled me to have complete confidence in her. On the day of our daughter’s arrival, Melissa guided my husband and me through the birth with encouragement and helpful suggestions for both of us. She gave my husband ideas on how he could make me more comfortable, and she helped me each step of the way. During the “pushing stage” she closely monitored our baby to make sure she was doing okay, and after each check she would sweetly say something to the baby like, “That’s a good girl! You’re doing a good job!” Although that seems like a silly thing, it was neat for me to see her being so personally involved with our baby. Perhaps one of the most valuable things Melissa did for us during the birth was pray. I can remember moments throughout the birth hearing her sing along with the worship songs we had playing or say a silent prayer, and nothing could have been as uplifting as that. Having Melissa be a part of this special time in our lives was truly a blessing for us, and we are definitely looking forward to having her involved in future births!

Joanna J.

(Baby Emerson)

Melissa was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy, during my birth, and beyond. She is sincere and practical, yet gentle and supportive. I felt comfortable during all my prenatals and sought her advice on many occasions for an array of topics. Her qualities make for an amazing midwife and I would love her involvement with my (possible) future births! Pregnant Mothers: Choosing a midwife is one of the most important decisions I believe you can make, and I would recommend Melissa over and over again for your prenatal care, birth and beyond!

Daphne H.

(Baby Paxton)